Connecting the Next Generation of Energy Professionals in Maine

Generation NEXT Energy Pros was conceived by the Maine Energy Marketers Association and affiliates of the heating oil, Bioheat® fuel, HVAC, and energy industry to address the need to expand the service-based workforce within our industry. Our goal is to provide high school students, trade school students, and others interested in a career in the trades in Maine with tools to connect with prospective employers in their area. Generation NEXT Energy Pros goes above and beyond the typical job search website to cater specifically to the needs of candidates and employers in the Maine heating oil, Bioheat® fuel, HVAC, and energy industry.

For Applicants

Students pursuing their certifications through trade school and students in high school vocational programs in Maine can connect with local Maine heating oil and Bioheat® fuel companies to gain hands-on experience in apprenticeship or internship roles. Licensed energy professionals in Maine can search for career options, filtering by potential employers, location, or job type to find the right fit for their interests.


For Employers

Connect with the next generation of energy professionals in Maine. Maine heating oil and Bioheat® fuel marketers can access a directory of student and energy professional resumes to fill internship, apprenticeship, or full-time positions. Instead of leafing through submissions from general job search sites, employers will be able to find prospective candidates in Maine based on location and job interests.